St. Louis Rotary Bowling League | Alleygations Week 25 – March 8, 2021






Alleygations March 8, 2021

Don Klackner

It was pretty quiet this past Monday at Olivette Lanes as
only 10 of the 18 Rotary bowlers suited up for league as the annual golf trip
claimed the rest of the league.  Even the
beer buckets stayed quiet, dry, and lonely wondering where Budda and Windish
were.  Looks like most of the bowlers
that showed up were in the same state of mind as the golfers as the low scores
dominated the night.  There were 2
bowlers that must have missed the golf bus or did not get the memo and scored
on the higher end.  Vic was 85 pins over
average and Jeanine was 49 pins over average. 
Matt M thought about going for the low score but changed his mind and
ended up 8 pins above.  The rest of the
scores were pretty ugly and wished they were golfing instead.  Lenny claimed the only 200 game of the night
with a 211.

On the team side of things both Team Klackner and Team
Lorenz got buried.  Good thing they had
blind scores to capture their only point or two.  The match with Lane and Conway was much more
balanced.  So after 3 weeks into Q4, Jones
has a 4 point lead.  So it seems the
lesson for the week is the more BBB we have at Rotary league, the better we
bowl.  That is Beer, Banter and BS.  Hurry back golfers.  We missed you. 

 Captain Don Klackner – Team 1





St Louis Rotary bowls @ Olivette Lanes