St. Louis Rotary Bowling League | Alleygations Week 22 – February 8, 2021

The Rotary Bowling League began
the fourth quarter this week.
  We had a
decent turnout with 13 bowlers this week despite the lousy weather.

Team Lorenz bested Team Lane 19 – 1
led by Doug Lorenz and Rose Cooper.  Doug
bowled a 712-handicap series to lead all bowlers.  Rose Cooper bowled very well and had a 649-handicap
series to lead all women bowlers.  Don
“The Legend” Lorenz returned from his Florida travels but couldn’t beat brother
Doug on this night.  At least Carl Lane
did not have to bowl by himself this night.


Team Jones beat Team Klackner with
Arnold Hadler carrying the team with a 646-handicap series hi-lighted by a 214-scratch
game.  Lenny Lehmkuhl had the best game
of the night with a 261-scratch game.

Ultimately, Team Jones prevailed
winning 14 – 6.  Team Klackner was eerily
quiet this week as Matt Weiss was out with a foot injury.  Hope you are feeling better Matt we need your
exuberance at bowling.


Team Maddox went up against Team Conway
with Team Conway coming out on top 13 – 7. 
This matchup also featured a couple big games.  Both Ralph Decker and Dan Conway had 210
scratch games with Dan Conway ending up with a 703-handicap series.


Carl Lane won the 50/50 this


Here are the top scratch games for
the week:

Lenny Lehmkuhl               261

Arnold Hadler                    214

Ralph Decker                     210

Dan Conway                      210


Here are the top scratch series
for the week:

Doug Lorenz                      712

Dan Conway                      703

Arnold Hadler                    646


9 of the 15 bowlers were over
average this week.  It was a great week
to bowl apparently.


Strikes and spares,


Doug Lorenz

St Louis Rotary bowls @ Olivette Lanes