Bowling Alleygations 9-21-20 | Carl Lane

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Bowling Alleygations 9-21-20 | Carl Lane


A balmy September evening was spent by fourteen Rotarians who made it to week two of the new bowling season.  It was so quiet in the building that the clatter of falling pins was hardly noticed.  Maybe that’s because so few pins fell.  Maybe it was quiet because Matt Weiss was absent………

The three person teams of Klackner and Maddox managed to complete their six games in one hour and twenty minutes in a blistering pace that did not allow them to sit between turns.  I might add that the speedy pace was NOT achieved due to an abundance of strike balls.

I must apologize for not recapping the team scores for the week (I can only report that Team Lane collapsed leading to a 20-0 drubbing by Team Conway) but I was counting on receiving the weekly update from the team secretary but as of this date I have not gotten it.

Hopefully, next week attendance will rebound and scores along with it.  Let’s remember the staff at Olivette Lanes has been impacted by the slowdown so let’s be extra generous when we tip for the superb services we receive.


Sincerely, Carl Lane


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