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Andrew Darling ~ New Member

Welcome new member: Andrew Darling
Hobbies: I enjoy teaching others, reading books, singing karaoke (poorly), and video gaming. I’m trying to get a license higher than level 4 for my Japanese Language Proficiency, so studying Japanese is something I like to make time for.
Description:Ever since I was little, I’ve found communications fascinating. I was born and raised in the St. Louis metropolitan area, yet I attended college in Central Illinois. Starting work at 16, I’ve worked in department stores and college office administration positions until I graduated. After graduating college I traveled to Japan to teach English for a single year. It was always a goal of mine to travel abroad before I really started my career. I fell in love with the country, it’s people, and a girl from the area where I lived, so I ended up staying nearly 6 years instead. I taught English to students of all ages for the government as the Head English Teacher. I taught in elementary schools, jr. high schools, and the city hall offices. I also taught cooking classes and trained government workers/volunteers for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. On weekends, I worked at a Bed & Breakfast as an interpreter and sous chef. I had made many contacts within the Izu City Hall and friends for life throughout the city. Even now, I continue to teach English online to some Japanese students after my day job is complete. After returning back to the United States just last year with my wife, we’ve been trying to set down some roots of our own. Currently, I’m working as an Account Executive at a full-service marketing agency just a couple of blocks away from the Missouri Athletic Club. I’m back at work doing the thing I went to college for and I’m loving it! I can speak Japanese and have a level 4 license to prove it. I never took formal classes but started teaching myself when I decided to travel to Japan. I enjoy learning new things, so I’m always taking online courses to certify my growth as a person and in the industry.
Degree:Associate’s Degree – Liberal Arts & Sciences (Illinois Central College) Bachelor’s Degree – Communications (Bradley University)
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