Bowling Alleygations ~ Doug Lorenz, January 6, 2020

Doug Lorenz

We started the second half of the season and the first round of 2020 on Monday night 1/6/2020.  It also turned out we were celebrating Dan Conway’s 57th birthday.  Dan brought cupcakes for everyone to mark the occasion.  Unfortunately, Team Conway did not have much to celebrate by the end of the evening.  Team Decker with only 1 actual team bowler (Terry Werner) and 1 substitute (Don Klackner) managed to win 20 points from Team Conway who had a full team.  Rough night for the celebrating Conway’s.  Don Klackner also had a 709 handicap series.

Team Soifer went up against Team Cooper and came out on top 14 to 8.  Dan Naes shot a 248.  It was another hard fought battle as the games were very close.   Bob Kocher was absent, we assume protesting the fact that we didn’t bowl last week and he showed up anyway. 

Team Lorenz faced off against Team Cowell to see if either team could finally get out of the cellar at the start of a quarter.  Team Lorenz won 14 to 8 on the night.  Doug Lorenz finally contributed a good game with a 223 in the third game (not so much in the first two games).  We welcomed back Tim Lorenz for the second half on Team Lorenz he started with a 464 series, nice start.  Don Lorenz had a 202 and Matt Weiss had a 201.  Katie LaMarsh was over average all 3 games and finished with a 606 handicap series.  It was a hard fought match all night.

Welcome back to our second half bowlers:

Mike Borough

Bob Zangas

Dan Scott

Tim Lorenz

Next week we will do it again and have a great time.

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