Scribe Report December 5, 2019 ~ Mary Block

Mary Block
President Bob opened the meeting followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and The Four Way Test. Dan Conway gave the invocation. 

Also, very happily noted, was the return of Cris Connor and Ken Schuman. Both had been away from us due to surgery and we are so glad to have them back in the fold. 

Following on the heels of that good news,  Richard Losciale lead us in a very unique Santa song.   

*   President Bob asked for Scribe volunteers for January.   
*   Rick Tinucci announced that during lunch we would sign Christmas cards extending our heartfelt wishes to our service men and women overseas, in conjunction with the USO. ( The artwork on the cards was done by Rick Tinucci and the printing by Jeromy Fritz ).   
*   Rick also talked about Youth Exchange. Rose Cooper’s granddaughter, Isabella Lewis, a guest today, is in the running for a grant to go to Spain. Go, Isabella!!  
*   Upcoming speaker, December 12th, will be Frank Viverito. Frank is President of the St. Louis Sports Commission.   
*   The annual Rotary Christmas Party will be held, December 13th,  at the MAC.   
*   Rolling for Rotary raised over $3200.00 for the Welfare Fund.   
*   The Turkey Burp had sixteen folks in attendance and a good time was had by all.  
*   Phil Hesley discussed the Christmas Tree Project. Presents and cash donation deadline is December 12th.   
*   President Bob reminded us that the 2020-2021 nominations will be going out next week.   
*   President Bob also asked if there might be some volunteers for Rides for Rotarians. We have some members that would appreciate a ride to weekly meetings.   

Following the announcements, Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Conway introduced today’s guests. He then proceeded to entertain us with his trials from the tennis court. Having recently taken up this new sport as he nears retirement, he shared some comical interactions with a 10 year old girl super star and their one-upsmanship with each other. ( She, by the way, is ranked 36th of 10 year olds in the country ).

Our holiday program was introduced by Dr. Beth Russell and was absolutely magical. We enjoyed being entertained with a medley of Christmas songs, sung by Olivia Bosau and Dr. Trent Patterson on the piano from Webster University Music Department. Dr. Patterson, an Associate Professor, is Director of the Choral Program. Ms. Bosau is a senior Vocal Performance Major. 

A couple of the songs that Olivia sang outside of the traditional favorites, were from Dolly Parton and Mariah Carey. 

Following the performance, Dr. Patterson shared the upcoming schedule of the Chamber Singers. 

Please check the Webster University website, Department of Music Events, for further information. 

As is our custom, a book was donated to the St. Louis Public School System in their honor.

The 50/50 pot this week was worth $1149.00. Beth Russell had the winning ticket. Unfortunately, she did not pick the magic card and instead drew the three of hearts. …….And so it goes. 

President Bob adjourned the meeting.  

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