Bowling Alleygations 2019 ~ Rose Cooper – Week 3

Rosie the Alleygator with Bowling League Prez Ralph Decker

September 23, 2019 was quite frankly another great night at Olivette Lanes.  Each Monday night at the alley brings lots of opportunities for fun, fellowship,  and fortune $$$$. (if you win the 50/50).   

Don Klackner gave “Welcome Back Bowlers” coupons to each of us. Thank you, Don for your generosity. We are using them already.

Ashley was missing! ☹ but Queen Bee and the team tending bar did a great job keeping our bowlers hydrated. Very important!!!!

Club member Mary Block,( AKA Blood Hawk) visited Olivette Lanes to speak to the bowlers about signing up to donate blood at our Rotary Club 11 Blood Drive at the MAC on October 17. 

Mary also asked if some of the bowlers are also employers who will invite their employees to set a donation appointment during their work hours and  keep the donor on the clock while they donate blood. Thank you Mary for your dedication to making our blood drive successful!

Decker and Lorenz teams first two games were separated by a total of 12 pins! (6 pins each game)  Ralph Decker’s first game was a 203

Conway and Soifer were the speediest teams ever averaging 25-35 miles per hour on all the balls rolled. 

The Cooper team bowled Cowell’s team and I witnessed that Newsy Shuffle made famous by the one and only Bob Barnes at least 5 times – was that all in one game?

Bob Barnes and Wally Knoll were both on the 1966-67 Bowling League.     Wally Knoll was a Captain that year!

Is this the year Newsy started shuffling?

There were 20 teams that year AND in addition to those twenty teams there were  4 Rotary Ann teams!!!!!  I want to know about that season. How did that go over with all the bowlers,( Rotarians and Rotary Anns)?

Were there additional years of Rotary Ann teams?  Some of the women were good bowlers:  several mentioned in the 1966-67 Pepperbox are Cecile Krieghauser with a 176 game and Hazel Azar with a 181 game.

Back to current reality, on 9/23/2019 there were two Scratch Games over 200:  Blake Critzas with a 225 and Ralph Decker with a 203 game.  See the League Standing Sheet Week below for the MANY Handicap Games over 200 including all four women bowlers: 226 Rose Cooper, 221 Jeanine Conway, 209 Beth Russell and 201 Katie LaMarsh.  Way to go ladies!

I’m looking forward to Monday night Week 4! 

Spending time  bowling  with Club 11 members is a lot of fun!  If you’re not bowling come to the alley anyway to check it out and get to know your fellow Rotarians a little better.

1966-67 Bowling Teams

Rosie the Alleygator!

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