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St. Louis Rotary Police Awards | Captain Christi Marks, Commander 2nd District November 18, 2021

Captain Christi Marks, Commander 2nd District SLPD

I believe it’s a distinguished honor to serve as a Captain of Police for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. I look forward to my assignment as the Commander of District 2.

I have aligned my Leadership style over the past 25 years with the mission statement and core values of this Department. Those under my command know we, as a team, will serve and protect the public, cooperate with the community to protect life and property, and detect and deter crime to achieve a peaceful society through our service, integrity, leadership, and fair treatment to all.

I believe it is essential to listen to those affected by our policing and be sensitive to vulnerable populations. I will guide my commanders, supervisors, and peer leaders to teach and use best practices in policing to promote crime reduction and build public trust. I believe in building trust; everyone must be treated fairly, with respect and dignity, not just externally but internally as well.

It is my mission to set the standard for a professional presence, and through our actions, we will leave a positive thumbprint on the community we serve and build stronger relationships by instilling a procedurally just mindset.

Officer safety and officer wellness are my priorities, along with the safety and welfare of the community.

I ask you to take a moment and utilize our Department’s website to “compliment an officer” and let us know how we are doing. Thank you.


Captain Christi Marks
Commander, Second District

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