President’s Corner ~ August 22, 2019

St Louis Rotary Club President Bob Garagiola @ National Blues Museum club meeting 8/22/19

There were 54 Club 11 Rotarians & guests at the National Blues Museum last week.  Music during lunch and SugarFire sandwiches and a guided tour of the history of the Blues with a lot of connections to St. Louis.  Check out our website for pictures.  I think that we can declare this off-site visit a success.  In fact, the Board discussed having more such off-site events and will ask the Program Committee to continue to investigate venues.

The Community Service Committee’s effort to accumulate Back-to-School Supplies ended 8/15. Club 11 collected over 1500 pens, pencils, crayons, and highlighters along with notebooks, loose leaf, rulers folders, and back packs.  Also, $120 in cash was collected.  Thanks to all who contributed.

Finally, we received this email several months ago:“Dear Rotarian Friends in St. Louis,Our Rotary Club Jerusalem, founded in 1929 and the only English speaking club in Israel, is toasting every Wednesday at our weekly meeting another Rotary Club on a noteworthy event.This coming Wednesday we will toast your Rotary Club St. Louis on the occasion that on February 15, 1764 your city was founded as a French trading post and named after the King of France. 

Congratulations and Rotarian Greetings

Dieter Ziulkowski

Rotary Club Jerusalem”

I responded to Rotarian Ziulkowski thanking his club for showing another way of how “Rotary Connects the World.”

President Bob Garagiola

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