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Rolling for Rotary ~ A Great Success

Don Klackner
Rolling for Rotary Fundraiser 11-24-19 - A great success

‘Our annual Rolling for Rotary fundraiser was a great success on Sunday Nov 24th by raising over $3200 at Olivette Lanes.  Thanks to the 11 Rotarians that sponsored lanes for $150 each including Beth Russell, Pete Milne, Matt Weiss, Doug Lorenz, Don Lorenz, Katie LaMarsh, Steve Rosenblum, Richard Warriner, Rebecca Richie, Terry Werner and Rose Cooper.  Thanks to Rotarians Ralph Decker, Don Klackner, Jean Cowell, David Cowell and Bob Garagiola who added personal donations to the total.  The silent auction netted another $475 and Rose Cooper was the 50/50 winner of $210.  A Lottery scratchers raffle netted $315.  The lanes were filled with Rotarians families and friends including a slew of young kids, the youngest just 2 weeks old (Terry Werner’s 1st grandson).  Our games of “Rob your Buddy” and “Heads or Tails” were a lot of fun and we even threw in a practice round of Trivia.  Team Werner was the Trivia winners with 13 of 15 questions answered correctly.   So much fun while raising money for the Rotary Welfare Fund.  Mark your calendars for the next year’s event in early November

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