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St. Louis Rotary Club 11 Membership

Membership Options

St. Louis Rotary Club 11 dues are determined by membership type.  We have three membership options available:  Under 40 Years of Age; Over 40 Years of Age and Senior Active.  Details are provided below.

Matthew Maddox

Young Professional

St. Louis Rotary Club Quarterly Dues Amount for Members 40 and Under

Under 40 Dues

Quarterly Fees: $328.75 which includes dues and Thursday meals at the Missouri Athletic Club
Blake Critzas


St. Louis Rotary Club Quarterly Dues Amount for Members 41 and over


Quarterly Fees: $403.75 which includes dues and Thursday meals at the Missouri Athletic Club
Mark Rubinelli

Senior Active

St. Louis Rotary Club Senior Active Dues and Lunch Information

Senior Active R-85

May choose to pay dues only and pay for only the lunches they attend. Senior-Active Retired Dues (not including lunch) $77.50/Qtr + $25.00 weekly lunch as attended. Must qualify for R-85 Status for this option.

What is Our Membership Process?

1.Once an application is received, it will be reviewed by our Classification Committee. The Club Administrator will confirm with the Classification Committee Chairperson. This process takes approximately 1 week to complete.

2. After Classification has determined the business classification applied for is an open membership for our club, it is submitted to our club by the Executive Secretary.

3. This process takes approximately 1 week. Once the club approves membership, the Board of Directors signs off on it, and you are now a member of the St. Louis Rotary Club 11.

4. You will schedule your Orientation Session with Rick Tinucci.

What is Our Process for Senior Active Members?

Any member of the club possessing the qualifications of Senior Active members as described in Article III, Section 11 of the Club Constitution may of their own application become a Senior Active Member of the Club by notifying the secretary inwriting of the intent to do so. Thereupon, at its next regular meeting the Board of Directors shall determine their qualifications, and if they are qualified under the Constitution, shall adopt a resolution declaring the individual to be a Senior Active member. Members who are retired from their business or profession can apply for an excuse from attendance.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

St. Louis Rotary Online Membership Application

The button below will take you directly to our online club membership application.  You can complete it now and submit it to the club online.

Welcome, Now That You Are a Member, What Are the Next Steps?

You will schedule your club orientation with Rick Tinucci.

The quickest way to get active in the club is to join a committee:

Club Committee List

Here’s a list of our club Committees!  Learn more about the committees.  When, where and how often do they meet?
You may email Joan Hecker, Club Administrator
to find out who the chair is and be put in touch with that St. Louis Rotary member.

Join a committee that interests you and get active in Club 11!

Social Committee

Classification Committee

Community Service Committee

Conference Committee

Endowment Fund Committee

Finance Committee

Fundraising “All in One” Committee

Greeters Committee

Inter City Committee

International Foundation Committee

Membership Committee

Music Committee 

New Generations Committee

Old Newsboy Committee

Orientation Committee

Program Committee

Publicity Committee

Welfare Fund Committee

Bowling League Committee

Golf League Committee

Golf Tournament Committee

Tennis Committee

Thank you for interest in St. Louis Rotary Club 11.