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Committees of Rotary Club 11

Our committees help us serve the community and sustain our organization:


Chair: Helen DiFate

Purpose: To investigate proposed members and their business for any possible conflict with the classifications of current members and to determine if the proposed member is qualified for membership and can attend the meetings regularly. This committee also reviews & recommends requested changes to current member’s classifications.

Community Service

Co-Chairs: Phil Hesley / Bob Zangas

Purpose: Emphasize 4 Areas of Community Service: Grants,  Done in a Day Requests, Collection Drive, and Service Projects.  Manages the Annual Financial Grants to local charities and service partners.

Convention & Conference


Purpose: To coordinate the club’s participation in the District Conference and Rotary International Convention and to encourage member’s attendance.

Endowment Fund

Chairperson: Ken Schuman

Purpose: To further of one of the objects of Rotary International which is to encourage and foster the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, and to assist in meeting the educational needs of residents of the City of St. Louis.


Chairperson: Don Lorenz

Purpose: As Treasurer of the Rotary Club of St. Louis, the committee will strive to carry out the duties outlined in Article IX, Section 6 of the Constitution and to support the president in the successful completion of the programs he has established for the club.

Fundraising/All in One

Chairperson: Terry Werner/Don Klackner

Purpose: The Fundraising Committee (formerly the All In One Fund) is the committee that raises the money which the Community Service/Major Project Committee will use for our own major project and possible funding of local St. Louis area charities.


Chairperson: Rebecca Richie

Purpose: The Fellowship Committee’s purpose is: to help other committees in volunteering our service, greet Rotarians and guests at our Thursday meetings; help with the parking tickets and reception tables.

Golf League

Co-Chairs: Matt Weiss/Kent Steinbrueck/Blake Critzas

Purpose: This committee chooses their own officers who schedule approximately eight to twelve golf outings each season.


Chairperson: Jon Soifer

Purpose: Coordinate activities with other metropolitan area clubs and promote attendance at the monthly Inter-City meetings.

International Foundation

Chairperson: Rick Tinucci

Purpose: To promote Rotary International programs within the St. Louis Club. These include the Ambassadorial Scholarships, Group Study Exchange, Youth Exchange Program, Matching Grants program and encouraging members to become Paul Harris Fellows by contributing $100.00 a year for ten years to the International Foundation.

Lift for Life

Chair: Vic DiFate

Membership Development

Co-Chairs: Jeromy Fritz/Nick Angelo

Purpose: The purpose of the Membership Development Committee is to recruit new members into the St. Louis Rotary Club and the work of Rotary International.

Membership Retention / Mentor


Purpose  We have the responsibility of helping all of our members remain interested in the work of Rotary through our efforts in Retention and fellowship.


Chairperson: Bill Piper

Purpose: Provides and organizes all activities pertaining to music, including providing the song leader and pianist for the weekly Rotary meetings.

Orientation – New Members

Chairperson: Rick Tinucci

Purpose: The committee meets with new members to explain Rotary and its purpose and how the club district and Rotary International functions.


Co-Chairs: Mike Regan/Beth Russell

Purpose: The overall responsibility of this committee is to arrange for guest speakers as part of Club 11’s weekly meetings.  In addition to arranging for speakers, our monthly chairs solicit participation from the membership to participate at the meetings as Invocators, scribes, and Introducers.


Co-Chairs Mike Mosella/Doug Russell

Purpose: To raise awareness among the membership and the St. Louis community of the accomplishments of the club and Rotary in general. To stimulate spirit and pride among the members and a sense of value of their membership and participation in Rotary activities.


Co-Chairs: Price Harris/Michele Goad

Purpose: The social committee has traditionally been responsible for developing and promoting social activities for the members of the club in order to help build stronger relationships within the membership.


New Generations 

Chairperson: Rose Cooper 

   Rotaract: Rose Cooper

   8th Grade Awards: David Pokorney -Co-Chair

   RYLA: Michele Goad

  Young Citizens Awards: Mary Jane Thomsen/John Reed

  Rotary Youth Exchange: Jean Cowell


Purpose:Provide and facilitate opportunities for the Rotary Membership to participate in service activities for the youth of St. Louis.  To help young people become a recognized part of the Rotary community.  new Generations includes activities and sponsorship for Interact Service clubs at local high schools, sponsorship of Rotaract Service clubs at local universities, the annual 8th Grade Leadership Awards, and the Annual Young Citizen Awards for graduating SLPS high school students.

Welfare Fund

Chairperson: Bob Garagiola

Purpose: The goal of the committee is to simplify the fund administration of the cub in addition to achieving the committee purposes. A second goal is to increase the resources in the Welfare Fund.

Old Newsboys

Chairperson: Sean Smith

Purpose: The committee organizes about 15 – 20 volunteers for one-day collections as part the the local Old Newsboys Day in November before Thanksgiving. We take over several street corners downtown and offer special edition newspapers for donations. Club 11 typically raises up to $3,000.


Chairperson: Ralph Decker

Purpose: Manages the activities of the Rotary Bowling League to provide fellowship and recreation through bowling. (And to beat the Kansas City Rotary Club in our annual bowing tournament in Columbia!)

Golf Tournament Fund Raiser

Co-Chairs: Jack Windish/Don Lorenz

Purpose: Organizes and manages the annual Charity Golf Outing.  The Committee also selects the primary beneficiary charity for funding from the Charity Golf proceeds.


Chairperson: Jim Conway

Purpose: Organizes the annual Club 11 Tennis outing for fun and fellowship.