The regular full website can be entered by CLICKING HERE .

Click this link for Mobile DACDB    or type in the address

After login, you can view a wealth of information about our club.

The Rotary Club of St Louis Roster is available through the District 6060 database system otherwise know as DACdb.  All Rotarians in District 6060 (about 2500 Rotarians) are listed in DACDB.  Plus all have a unique ID and Password.  Your ID and PASSWORD are required use this system. PLEASE NOTE: CLUB NUMBER IS NOT REQUIRED.

The Mobile DACDB is view-able through your regular PC browser or on your Smartphone browser with internet access.  It is streamlined viewer.  It includes hot links for members phone, email addresses, and websites.  Simply click on the phone number and your smartphone will start dialing.  Click on the email to start an email.

This database includes the Club 11 membership roster for viewing or printing.  In addition, it includes  data about club operation, membership and attendance.

You can update your profile and contact information and view and print the club roster.  This also includes a calendar and other information for Rotary Eastern Missouri District 6060.

Mobile access to DaCdb through your smart phone offers easy and fast access to club and member contact information.

Access to the roster system requires your personal ID and password (initially supplied when your profile is setup).  If you need a new LOGIN ID or PASSWORD, please contact the Club 11 Office.