St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

St Louis Rotary Club Community Service

The Rotary Club of St. Louis, the 11th club founded, has served the St. Louis community for over 100 years. Historically Club 11 has focused our local community service in disadvantaged areas and people of St. Louis.

  • Lift for Life Gym Community Service Feb 2020
  • Lift for Life Volunteers Oct 2019
  • People of Action ~ St Louis Rotary Volunteers Sorting food from Scouting for Food Collection on 11-16-2019 22 Volunteers St Louis Rotary Club
  • Together We Connect
  • Rolling for Rotary Fundraiser 11-24-19 - A great success
  • Dale Ruthsatz 6/18/20
  • 3rd quarter bowling champs 2020 - Team Cowell


    Congrats to Team Cowell – 3rd Quarter Bowling Champs 2019-2020
  • Steve LaFara at Olivette - Rotary Bowling League 2019-2020
  • Past President Bob Sherrill 2018-2019
  • 3rd District participation in 2019 Young Citizens Award program
  • Class of 2020 Young Citizen's Award Winners
  • Helping out at the greenhouse with Forest Park Conservancy

    Members at Work
  • President Bob Garagiola's Birthday Parade 2020
  • Phil Hesley 6-6-2019 Grants Awards at St. Louis Rotary Club


    Phil Hesley, Community Service Grants 2019
  • Christmas 2019

  • 8th Grade Leadership Awards – Recognition, leadership retreat and a college scholarship
  • Rotary Young Citizen Award – Recognition, mentoring, reward for up to 30 high school graduates
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Academy – Annual Student Selection and Scholarships
  • INTERACT – Rotary Sponsored High School Service Clubs
  • Rotary Youth Exchange – Year long study abroad, free to selected high school students and we also fund foreign exchange students who come to the St. Louis area.

With a focus on youth and education and in partnership with the St. Louis Public Schools, we have recognized, encouraged and rewarded students through:

Our annual St. Louis Police Award recognizes heroic efforts of our local police for their efforts in crime prevention and safety.

Each year our Club solicits Grant requests from area organizations needing funds for worthy projects. Over the past 100 years, the Rotary Club of St. Louis has supported a number of charitable organizations in our region, contributing over $1 million towards improving lives in our community.