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HOW TO PIVOT YOUR BUSINESS IN TIMES OF CRISIS ~ Trish Cheatham, CEO & Founder of Think Tank PR & Marketing | June 4, 2020

Trish Cheatham ~ CEO & Founder of Think Tank PR & Marketing
Join CEO Trish Cheatham of Think Tank PR + Marketing + Design as she explains how you can pivot your business, reimagine and implement new growth strategies, and keep your business open and even growing in these trying times.
You will learn:
  • Ideas on how to rethink your business and pivot into possible new revenue streams
  • How to reassess your growth plans and goals
  • How to find a collaborative team and make useful connections
  • How to meet consumers where they are and successfully address their unique needs
  • How to take quick actions and become a lean, nimble machine
  • How to predict your business’s future and set attainable goals
  • How to take advantage of downtime and how you can set your business up for success
  • Brand messaging – what to say, what not to say in times of crisis
  • How to market your business in a crisis and stand out from the crowd
Includes a Q&A session open to all for help and collaboration.
Featured Speaker Bio
Trish Cheatham serves as CEO of St. Louis-based Think Tank PR + Marketing + Design and White Buffalo Film StudiosWith a strong background in marketing communications, crisis PR, creative concept development, and strategic business planning, Trish’s passion is growing her clients’ businesses.
From Fortune 500 companies to large manufacturing companies to companies branching out into new product development to small family-owned businesses – this is where you will find Trish happily working her magic and helping her clients grow.
Aside from being the CEO at Think Tank PR + Marketing + Design and White Buffalo Film Studios, Trish is passionately committed to many charitable organizations throughout the St. Louis area, serving on several boards. Her philosophy of giving back and paying it forward is the foundation of both Think Tank and her life.
Connect with Trish on LinkedIn.

Virtual Meeting June 4, 2020- More Details to Follow

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