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Bowling Alleygations 11-25-19 ~ Terry Werner

We had yet another wonderful evening of bowling and fellowship at Olivette Lanes. We always enjoy guests so feel free to come out and watch us bowl and share in some of the fun! Better than that, why not join us for the second half of the league?

The Cowell team fought hard against the first place Conway team but fell 14-6. These were critical points for the Conway team as they held their first place spot in the second quarter. The second place Soifer team also held their own with a 15-7 victory over the depleted Decker team. Werner and Wilson held their own for the Decker team but bowling with two blinds left no room for error. The last place Lorenz team beat up on the Cooper team, 20-2, and nearly moved out of last place but to no avail. Another week of last place distinction for them!

There were some significant individual accomplishments too. Don Klackner bowled like he owned the place! He had a 655 scratch series with a high game of 246 and a handicap series of 724. Wow! Does that seem like a conflict of interest to anyone else or is it just me? Steve LaFara bowled a high game of 258 but that was overshadowed with an incredible spare by picking up a 2-4-8-10 split! One wonders how he picked that up but more importantly how did he leave the 2-4-8-10 in the first place? Jeanine Conway continues to lead the Women bowlers by following up a 199 last week with a 149 this week and a 599 handicap series.

Some strange things happened besides the bowling. For instance, the rack got stuck up in the air with Vic ready to bowl. Rumor was that the rack actually timed out waiting for Vic to bowl but that hasn’t been confirmed. Don Klackner got upset when a pin didn’t drop and was seen complaining to himself about the condition of the lanes. What will happen next week? Come out and see and to enjoy the fun! 

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