A Brief History of the Rotary Club of St. Louis

            The St. Louis Club is known as No. 11, having been the eleventh club organized and admitted to membership in Rotary International. The first preliminary meeting was held on February 15, 1910. Among those present being Bruno Batt, Fraser Stewart, Werner Hencke, J.K. Jones and Charles W. Rutledge. The permanent organization of the Club was effected on February 22, 1910, with the first meeting of the Club was held at the Old Lippe’s café, Eighth & Olive Streets. Twenty-five business and professional men were present, all of whom were then elected to membership. The club enjoyed steady growth and on March 1, 1910, the total membership was 153 members. By July 1, 1910 the total membership had reached 249. The first printed roster of the Club was issued July 15, 1910, attracting nationwide attention at that time.

            The Club membership steadily increased until the depression year of 1912 when the membership dropped to 152 men. Since then, there has been a steady growth in active membership representing almost every worthwhile business and professional classification in St. Louis.

            The first president and leading organizer of the St. Louis Club was Bruno Batt who passed away, however, during his term of office and was succeeded by Frazer Stewart. Many prominent men and women have served the Club as its President.