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March 9, 2023 ~ Pepperbox Edition ~

My American Journey | Dr. Benjamin Akande, Stifel Financial Group

Dr. Benjamin Akande, Stifel Financial Group - Sr. VP, Director HR Enterprise, Diversity & Inclusion
Dr. Akande served as the ninth President of Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. During his tenure as President of Champlain, undergraduate applications doubled, institutional fundraising increased significantly and the college forged partnerships that continue to pay dividends.

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March 9, 2023 Meeting Links for St Louis Rotary Club |

St. Louis Rotary Meeting Links
Please use the In Person Link to Register in advance for St Louis Rotary March 9, 2023 meeting. If registration is closed call 314-894-1759 or email 63102. Or join us via Zoom Link…

In-Person and Zoom Registration Links

St. Louis Rotary Lunch Menu ~ March 9, 2023

Rotary Club lunch at the MAC Downtown
Lunch menu March 9, 2023

Chicken Spedini w/ Lemon cream Sauce
Parmesan Risotto

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Grant Guidelines & Forms 2023 | St. Louis Rotary Club 11

Grant Apps & Guidelines are now Available @ St Louis Rotary Club
The grant application documents for the 2023 Rotary Community Service Grant Applications posted on Club 11’s website: 2023 Grant Guidelines and Forms

Rotarian Sponsor may only sponsor one Financial Grant Application. Applications must be submitted to the Rotary Sponsor by March 10, 2023. The Rotary sponsor …

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St. Louis Rotary Bowling Alleygations - February 27, 2023

Doug Lorenz Alleygations 2-27-23
Bowling Alleygations Week 22 | February 27, 2023 | Doug Lorenz

We had a good turnout this week as we begin the fourth quarter of the season. In the first match we had Team Milne vs. Team Werner. Team Milne came out on top big time ...

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Next Week: Political Debate Without the Drama | John Hancock & Mike Kelley | March 16

"Republican John Hancock and Democrat Michael Kelley are political rivals and friends. There is no animosity when they joust on-air."
"Hancock and Kelley are the odd couple of politics.Hancock, a Republican, and Kelley, a Democrat, are political consultants who used to lob grenades at each other when they were …

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Missouri Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (MO-RYLA) 2023| Scholarships

St. Louis Rotary Club is awarding scholarships to the Missouri RYLA Academy 2023. MO RYLA is a 4-day, 3-night leadership training program focused on service for current high school freshman, sophomore and junior students across Missouri.

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March 2023 Programs & Events | St. Louis Rotary Club

March 2023 programs at St. Louis Rotary

March 2023 | St. Louis Rotary Club Event Details

List of March Programs & Events

Zoom Recording Engineers Day | Bob Clark, Executive Chairman and Founder, Clayco

Bob Clark, Executive Chairman and Founder, Clayco
Bob Clark "Bob started Clayco with the goal of finding new, better ways to do business, and hasn’t looked back since. Over the past 35+ years, Bob has grown Clayco into one of the top full-service building firms in North America while …

Zoom Recording Link and More About Bob Clark

Rotary District 6060 Conference is April 21-22, 2023

District Conference Event - Perform for Polio

District Conference Registration Link

Rotary Club of St. Louis Board Members for Year '23/'24
(July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024)

Dale Ruthsatz, President
James Webster, President Elect
Richard Warriner, Immediate Past President
Denise Wondolowski, Vice President
Terry Werner, Vice President
Amy Lewis, Sergeant at Arms

Returning Directors:

Doug Lorenz, Cris Conner, Ken Schuman, Nick Angelo

Incoming Directors:

Bob Garagiola, Don Klackner, Chris Wilson
Rose Cooper, Publisher
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