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October 26, 2023 ~ Pepperbox Edition ~ St. Louis Rotary Club

Young Citizens Awards ~ October 26, 2023 | Dr. Millicent Borishade, Chief of Schools, SLPS

Dr. Millicent Borishade, Chief of Schools, SLPS
Dr. Millicent Borishade began her career in education as a kindergarten teacher in Blue Island, Illinois. She’s taught every level, which includes graduate-level courses and college behind bars. Dr. Borishade's theory of action captures her clear commitment to building on the instructional staff's …

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St. Louis Rotary Club Program Introducer & Invocator | October 26, 2023

Beth Russell, Emcee & Jon Soifer, Invocator 10-26-23
Young Citizens Awards | Dr. Millicent Borishade

Location: The Missouri Athletic Club Downtown 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ~ October 26, 2023 Beth Russell, Emcee | Jon Soifer, Invocator |

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October 26, 2023 Meeting Link for St Louis Rotary Club |

St. Louis Rotary Meeting Links
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In Person Link ~ October 26, 2023 for Advanced Registrationfor St Louis Rotary Young Citizens Awards | October 26, 2023 Lunch - There is NO ZOOM OPTION THIS WEEK

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St. Louis Rotary Lunch Menu ~ October 26, 2023

Rotary Club lunch at the MAC Downtown
Salad ~

Baked/Grilled Chicken

Mashed Potatoes ~ Green Beans

Alternative meals must be ordered by 11:30 am on Wednesday, October 25, 2023.

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Week Six St. Louis Rotary Bowling Alleygations | October 16, 2023

Week 6 Alleygations - Bill Piper 10-16-23
Week 6 Alleygations 10-16-23 | Bill Piper

Fantasy bowling from Lake Wobegone - all bowlers are above average and rolled 900 scratch series. Standings unchanged.

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St. Louis Rotary Club Social at The Vandy THIS THURSDAY, October 26, 2023 - See you about 5 pm and after Pickleball!

The Vandy is at 1301 S. Vandeventer, 63110 (across the street from Rockwell's).

Interested in Joining Club Members to Play Pickleball?
Date: October 26
Location: Tower Grove Park | Time: 4 - 5:30pm
Equipment is available if you do not have a paddle or balls. It takes 30 minutes to learn how to play. If you can play ping pong, you can play pickleball.
90% of pickleball games lead to cocktails! What a coincidence, there is a Rotary Happy Hour right afterwards at the Vandy.

Memorial Service for Cathy Gamble | October 28, 2023

Cathy Gamble Memorial Service October 28, 2023
Memorial Service for Club 11 Member Cathy Gamble | October 28, 2023

Our long-time member, board member and friend, Cathy Gamble passed away suddenly.

Memorial Service on Saturday, October 28th at 10 a.m. at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 4712 Clifton Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 63109

Donations may be made to the Rotary Club 11 Endowment Fund and to Folds of Honor, St. …

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Mark Maloney, Past Rotary International President Speaking Thursday, November 2, 2023

Mark Maloney, Past President, Rotary International
Mark Daniel Maloney is a principal in the law firm of Blackburn, Maloney and Schuppert, LLC, with afocus on taxation, estate planning, and agricultural law. He represents large farming operations in theSoutheastern and Midwestern United States and has chaired the American Bar Association’s …

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Missouri Rotary Shoe Drive | Bring Shoe Donations to St. Louis Rotary Lunch!

Missouri Rotary Shoe Drive
Missouri Rotary Shoe Drive Continues | Donate Shoes at St. Louis Rotary Lunch
Help a child in need. Give a pair of shoes. We are continuing to collect new shoes for kids of all sizes.

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