Bowl and Never Grow Old

 The St. Louis Rotary Club #11 Bowling League banquet for the 102nd season was held on Monday evening, April 19th, 2021 at LoRusso’s Cucina Restaurant.

Everyone had a great time.  The chef at LoRusso’s and staff did a great job as always with cocktails, appetizers, and a world class dinner!  Matt Weiss, the filet mignon you ordered for us all was perfect!  You are the best! Club President Kent Steinbrueck, bowling league treasurer, you did a great job of helping me recognize the winning teams and individual bowlers with cash prizes.  Thank you, Kent.
What an amazing year we finished….our 102nd year!  This season and banquet were extra special.  Our bowling league began in 1919, just one year after the 1918 influenza pandemic!  Johnny Critzas always said, “The heart and soul of Club #11 is the bowling league!”
Speaking of heart and soul, Bob Barnes came up to the podium and talked about The George Fliehman award.  I asked Bob to share with us the history of George Fliehman and what the trophy represented.
The symbol for George Fliehman was BOWL AND NEVER GROW OLD.

George was Secretary and Treasurer of the bowling league.
About 80 bowlers were in the league with a total of 16 teams.   
We bowled 5 to each team.
Every week he was in charge of collecting the money for every bowler.
Every week he was in charge collecting the scores and computing their new average for every bowler.
The trophy has been picked by the bowling board to the person who contributed most.   

-Bob Barnes

Don Klackner, the 100th bowling league season recipient of the George Fliehman award, reminded us that because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were forced to shut down our 101st bowling league season last year.  Including the banquet.  Since we had no banquet last year, Don declared that he is the only Rotarian bowler in the history of the league to win the George Fliehman award twice.  Not only twice, but back-to-back years!  We all busted out laughing!  Presented by Don Klackner, this year’s George Fliehman award winner for the 102nd season is Terry Werner.   Congratulations Terry!


Our evening concluded with a roundabout of classic Rotary Club bowling stories.
The 103rd season begins September 13th, 2021.
Have a great summer!

 Ralph J. Decker
St. Louis Rotary Club #11 Bowling
League President



Bowling Banquet | April 19, 2021