Bowling Alleygations – Make-up Night March 24, 2021

Captain Doug Lorenz Alleygations 11-16-20

St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Alleygations for week ? (Makeup night)  (3/24/2021)


The Rotary Bowling League had to make up a night that was “snowed out” a few weeks back.  We did the make-up on 3/24/2021.


We only had 12 bowlers for the makeup round.  We had 3 teams with only one bowler and 3 full teams of 3.  As it happens each single bowler team bowled a full 3 man team.


Team Klackner bowled Doc Jones who tried to hold his own.  Apparently the only way Team Klackner can win any points is to bowl a one man team.  Team Klackner won 20 points which tripled their quarterly points up to that point.  They are still firmly placed in last place.


Team Lorenz bowled Team Lane.  Carl Lane, as usual, was a one man wrecking crew.  Carl managed to take 12 points from Team Lorenz even though they had 3 bowlers.


Team Maddox beat Team Conway who only had Curt Linton bowling.  Team Maddox beat up on poor Curt winning all 20 points on the night.  This has really tightened up the first-place race for the quarter.


Strikes and spares,


Doug Lorenz


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