President’s Corner 2.0 | Bob Garagiola, Past President

Past President Bob Garagiola 3-11-21 leading the St Louis Rotary Club meeting



It’s Deja vu all over again (Yogi Berra).  Not only did I get to substitute for President Kent at our Rotary Luncheon last week, I get to resurrect the President’s Corner for this week’s PepperBox.  So let’s see if I’ve lost anything off my fastball.


I hope that you adjusted all of your clocks as Daylight Savings Time (DST) arrived on Sunday at 2 am. If not, you were an hour late for Mass or Services or appointments yesterday.  The origin of this practice in the United States goes back to the Standard Time Act of March 19, 1918.  Still, not every state observes DST.   Hawaii and Arizona do not.  It can be confusing. Set your clocks ahead one hour in the spring and back one hour in the fall. Or, is it vice versa? Just remember the old adage: “Spring ahead, Fall back”!  


Spring ahead!  Club 11 has been through unprecedented times in the last year with the restrictions and concerns from the COVID virus.  It has interrupted many Rotary plans and called for adjustments by the membership.  Before going any further, let’s acknowledge President Kent’s leadership through it all.  He was dealt some rough cards.  He stepped in at the beginning of the pandemic when I was hospitalized and rallied Club 11 when we were able to resume meetings and continued to Zoom meetings as we weathered lockdowns and social distancing.  Thank you, President Kent.


Spring ahead!  Thursday meetings have seen attendance near 50 with a nice split between in-person attendance and Zoomers.  The Program Committee has pivoted several times to keep supplying Club 11 with quality programs.  The Strategic Planning Committee has developed short and long term goals for the Club.  The Social Committee has scheduled events through the end of the year.  The Fund-Raising Committee has found a unique way generate revenue with the upcoming Virtual Auction. And, we’re in the middle of the Community Service Grant season.


Looks to me as if Club 11 is springing ahead!


(Disclaimer:  All of these events have incorporated a prudent pandemic response – masks/social distancing/Zoom/outdoor activities)


Spring ahead!  I am encouraging every member to renew their commitment to Club 11.  Vaccinations and safe practices are looking to minimize the COVID risks.  We may be closer to the Club 11 we knew a year ago than you think.


So, let’s all Spring Ahead! for Rotary.


Past President Bob G




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