St. Louis Rotary Bowling League | Alleygations Week 20 (January 25, 2021)

Leonard managed to capture 3 of the top scoring 4 games with his 235 leading all bowlers.  Terry bowled a strong 213 but the remaining bowlers could not breach that elusive 200 score.  A few failed the 100 mark, but that’s another story.

This season has been interesting in many respects.  For instance, the Lorenz team has steadily improved its standing each quarter going from #4 to #2 to #1 (currently).  The Lane team has gone from #6 to #3 to #2 (currently but is continuing to pressure Lorenz for the top spot).  Conway (5-6-3) and Jones 3-4-4 have remained largely static whereas the two teams that won the quarters have swooned.  Maddox 1-5-5 and Klackner 2-1-6.  Perhaps once one has reached the pinnacle the competitive spirit wanes or, more likely, the initial results were just plain lucky.

Many of the Week 20 games were very competitive.  Team Lorenz’s handicap total topped Team Klackner’s by only 10 pins.  Conway’s Team beat the Jones Team by 27 total pins, and the Lane Team decimated Team Maddox by 69 pins despite the presence of only one bowler.

The standings changed very little with the Conway Team vaulting over the Jones Team for third place (based on their 18 to 2 bashing of Jones.)  To be fair it should be pointed out the Jones Team actually averaged 2 (scratch) pins higher than Conway.  Just like elections, handicaps have consequences.


Captain Carl Lane – Team 2