I was speaking with a fellow Club 11 Rotarian after last week’s meeting.  He asked if I had seen Rotarian __________ at any of our recent luncheons.  Neither of us had recalled seeing him lately.  We enjoy his company.  He’s been an active Rotarian in the past.  But, he hasn’t been around lately.  We hoped that everything was OK – health…family…business.  ?? It got me thinking about him and other Rotarians that we miss seeing. So  I grabbed my phone and called to say “Hi” and reminded him of upcoming Rotary programs and events.    There are many reasons why we are unable to make a meeting:  family, jobs, vacations, health issues.  Sometimes those take priority over Rotary.  But, we are still Rotarians and we strive to build goodwill and better friendship. So, if you haven’t seem one of our Club 11 members recently, give her or him a call. They will appreciate it. President Bob