Mediators Beyond Borders International PeaceConnect Session 1-28-21


MBBI is a recognized service partner of Rotary International. The MBBI—Rotary Partnership Working Group (MBBI—RWG) seeks to build bridges to increase the peacebuilding capacity of both organizations to advance the common goals of preventing, reducing, and healing conflicts in communities around the world.

Mediators Beyond Borders Event Registration for  upcoming PeaceConnect sessions!

Join us for our upcoming PeaceConnect sessions!  This is the 1st session.  

On January 28th, register for International Investment Under the New US-Mexico-Canada Agreement: Right without a Remedy led by MBBI Board Member John Keenan on Thursday, January 28th at 5:00 PM ET (-5 UTC). In this session, John Keenan will focus on the change in dispute resolution which negotiations have brought about in the multi-lateral North American Free Trade Agreement and which are memorialized in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.  More particularly, the discussion will highlight the fundamental alteration of investment treaty arbitration provisions which are contained in the new USMCA. Please use the Time Zone Converter to determine when this engaging conversation will be in your time zone. Click here to learn more and engage in this exciting PeaceConnect session. 

Register here for the January 28, 2021 session!

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