St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Alleygations for week 16 (12/28/2020)


The Rotary Bowling League began the third quarter this week.  We had a decent turnout with 16 bowlers this week.


Team Lorenz bested Team Klackner 16 – 4 led by Bob “Newsie” Barnes who bowled a 685-handicap series to lead all bowlers.  Kent Steinbrueck was second overall for handicap series this week with a 671 series.  I also participated but it was not noteworthy.  This is the first time this season that Team Lorenz is shown in first place in the standings.  It is also the first week that Team Klackner is shown in last place.  I don’t expect either team to remain where they are for long.


Team Conway beat Team Jones 12 – 8.  Dan Conway was the only official team member to show up, but Don Klackner filled in and helped him out.  Dan had a 633-handicap series and Don Klackner had a 630 series which was the key to their victory.  For team Jones Vic DiFate and Arnold Hadler both bowled above average, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Conway bunch.


Team Maddox went up against Team Lane and lost 15 – 5.  Matt Maddox had Rose Cooper for help this week, but it wasn’t enough to beat Don Lorenz and Carl Lane.  Carl bowled a 610-handicap series to lead his team.  Don bowled decent but his recent exploits have left him with a high average.  He almost hit his average with a 598-handicap series.


It looks like, none of the bowlers who indicated they would bowl in the second half of the season, are going to return.  The league will continue with the same bowlers we had the first half.


Here are the top scratch games for the week:

Lenny Lehmkuhl               212

Kent Steinbrueck              203

Don Klackner                     199


Here are the top scratch series for the week:

Don Klackner                     561

Don Lorenz                        559

Lenny Lehmkuhl               545


See you all next week/year on January 4, 2021!!


Happy New Year,


Doug Lorenz