Rotary Week 13 – 12/7/20

This week saw the return to the lanes of some Rotarians that have been missing for a few weeks.  Welcome back Terry Werner, Doug & Don Lorenz, and Matt Weiss.  The roster was almost complete as we were only missing 2 spots.  Although that is exciting news, the bigger news for the evening was the Superhero bowling performance of Don “the Legend” Lorenz.  Don started the night out with 10 strikes in a row for a 288 game.  But he didn’t stop there as he continued his magic and ended the night with a 735 series.  Not only was this a personal career high for Don Lorenz, but he jumped to the top of the leader board in all categories including high handicap game of 311 and high handicap series of 804.  He helped boost his team into 2nd place. 

But Team Klackner sweep their match to win all 20 points and keep a strong lead for the quarter.  We had more than half the field bowl over average for the night.  There are 2 weeks left in the second quarter.  Looking forward to more exciting Mondays.  Happy Holidays to all and wishes for a safe and healthy 2021.

Bowling Week 13 - 12-7-20 Don Lorenz 288
Don Lorenz High Game | December 7, 2020
Don Lorenz Bowling Scores 12-7-20
Don Lorenz | December 7, 2020