St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Alleygations for week 12  (11/30/2020)

It may have been a cold evening last Monday, but Olivette Lanes was warm and cozy.  

Being able to get out and about this time of year when it’s cold and dark outside is always

 appreciated; especially so with the pandemic going on.  As the pandemic continues, 

attendance has been much lighter the past several weeks.  With only thirteen bowlers out of 

thirty six in attendance, some of the teams got their cardio workouts in.  I like to call it

 “aerobic bowling”. 

 Jack Windish was on fire for part of the evening finishing up game 1 with a five-bagger 

and beginning game 2 with a turkey. 

 I only bowled every blue moon until joining the St. Louis Rotary bowling league and was on 

the fence about joining.  I can truly say that Rotary bowling has proven to always be a

 great time of competitive fun and laughter.  I highly encourage others to join or to at least 

come visit us some Monday evening for fellowship and to support your fellow Rotarians.


High Handicap Series for Week 12:


Windish                            714

Lane                                  702

Cooper                             678

Jeanine Conway               649

Barnes                              627

Hadler                              621

Lehmkuhl                         617

Dan Conway                    614


Standings after week 12:


Klackner             71

Lorenz                39

Lane                    37

Maddox              34

Jones                  33

Conway              26

Strikes and spares,

Matthew Maddox