St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Alleygations for week 11  (11/23/2020)

It was a quiet night at Olivette Lanes last Monday.  Only eleven bowlers showed up out of thirty six.  There were two people that bowled over 200 – Windish at 204 and “doc”  at 208.  Three bowlers had scratched series over 500 – “doc”, Windish and Klackner.  

Team points for last week – Lorenz 16 , Maddox 4
                                                Jones 14,   Lane 6
                                                Klackner 19,  Conway 1
Klackner’s team is in the number 1 spot, 22 points above the pack.  The next five teams have a spread of only 11 points.  Looks like the other five teams are pretty well matched.  I think you can only win one quarter, at that point, we will only have two teams that won’t make the playoffs.  We will have more winners than losers this year!!  I think that will be a first.
Talking about winners, Rose won the 50/50 money again this week.

Strikes and spares,

Captain doc Jones