St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Alleygations for week 10 (11/16/2020)

This week the Rotary Bowling league had light attendance no doubt due to the ramping up COVID-19 virus issue.  I was one of the COVID victims and had to sit out this week (doing fine, pretty much over it).  So, I am writing this in absentia, but I had plenty of contributed thoughts.  There were only 4 bowlers on each of our 3 pairs this week, so the night went quickly and relatively quietly. 

Doc Jones was the only bowler for Team Jones and he had to go up against a fully loaded Team Klackner.  Doc held his own and managed to avoid the shut-out and win 4 points.  Rumor has it that Don Klackner may have to repair the picture of Telly Savalas on the wall as Matt Weiss abused it pretty frequently.

Team Maddox was another team with a single bowler.  Matt Maddox managed to take 13 points single handedly from Team Conway even though Team Conway had all their bowlers.  Must have been a rough night for the Conway bunch.

Team Lorenz only had 2 bowlers up against Team Lane also with 2 bowlers.  Don Lorenz and Kent Steinbrueck had a good match with Don having a great night and, in the end, beating Kent.  Team Lane beat Team Lorenz 13 – 7 on the night.  Don Lorenz had the high night with a 603 scratch series.

Other notable scores:

High Handicap series:

               Don Lorenz                        684

               Kent Steinbrueck              646

               Matt Maddox                    646

               Matt Weiss                        619

               Dan Conway                      617

Standings after week 10:

               Klackner                              36

               Lane                                    27

               Conway                              21

               Maddox                              19

               Jones                                   10

               Lorenz                                 7

Still waiting to see how the new county COVID-19 restrictions will affect the bowling activities.  Stay tuned.

Strikes and spares,

Doug Lorenz