St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

Bowling Alleygations

11-9-2020 Week 9

 Election ballots were still being counted while we bowled last week.  The right handed bowlers were not going to concede to the left handed bowlers without a prolonged knock down fight!


How can Team Klackner win all 20 points when their two big bowlers, Leonard Lehmkuhl and Don Klackner do not roll a 600 handicapped series?  Because Matt Weiss can.  Matt helps lead team Klackner to a sweep bowling a 619 handicapped series.  Team Lorenz had a below average night but will be back. 


Team Maddox being led by Mike Maddox with a blistering 673 handicapped series was not enough to get by Team Lane.  Team Lane had a nice showing by Carl Lane bowling a 644 and Don Lorenz 661 that proved too much for the Maddox Team.  Team Lane wins 14 points to Team Maddox 6 points.


Team Conway weaseled by Team Jones even though Vic Difate bowls a night high handicapped series of 695.  How does that happen?  Great game Vic.  Thanks for beating the crap out of my wife so I hear about it for the next week!  Team Conway

Wins 14 points to team Jones 6 points.


Dan Conway



Captain Dan Conway – Team 3