Final Bowling Alleygations 2023/2024 Rotary Club 11 Bowling Season

The evening of April 29th, the St. Louis Rotary Club #11 Bowling League celebrated the 105th season with their annual bowling league banquet at LoRusso’s Cucina Restaurant on The Hill.

Emceed by yours truly and David Cowell. The evening began with cocktails and appetizers. Invocation by Terry Werner. Terry, well written and delivered to us all with heartfelt passion. Our dinner was served by the world class LoRusso Restaurant staff. I love the fact they open the restaurant on a normally closed Monday night just for us. Bowlers enjoyed a choice of either prime beef steak, grilled salmon dinner and desserts. After dinner, Matt Weiss made a few comments about the growth of our league and HOW MUCH FUN we had beating Kansas City in Columbia, MO. With the trophy in his hand, and beaming with great pride, Matt Weiss recognize Bob Barnes and his Nouzze shuffle for helping us beat Kansas City. Thank you Bob Barnes for your commitment and loyalty of 60 years bowling with the St. Louis Rotary Club Bowling League. Amazing!!

League secretary and treasurer Kent Steinbrueck, recognized our top bowlers, teams, and sweepstake winners with cash. We love Kent because we love Cash!

Interim President David Cowell. Thank you for stepping in this year. We appreciate you very much. You are the best! We need more Cowbells in our league!

Kent Steinbrueck, thank you for handling the league finances for us. Your trustworthy loyalty for handling our finances each year does not go unrecognized.

Jack Windish. What can I say. You are the voice of reason.

Matt Weiss, you are the “Heart and Soul” of our bowling league!

Matthew Maddox, appreciate your creative mind and getting new and old bowlers to sign up! We are the Champions!

Rose Cooper, the queen of fun! The Pepperbox! Thank you for publishing our weekly Alleygations report. Team Captains, let this fact sink in. The Alleygations Report first began in year 1919. 105 years running! Thank you Team Captains for sending your report each week to Rose.

Don Klackner…..Go Packers! Big shout out to your staff at Olivette Lanes. Thank You!

Now some of you new bowlers may be asking…..Who was George Fliehman?

George was the bowling league secretary and treasurer during the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. The bowling league averaged about 80 bowlers. They peaked in 1969 with 120 bowlers. Each week, George was in charge of collecting the money and for collecting the scores. Each week he would calculate averages, handicaps, and team wins and losses. He did this with pencil and paper.

George Fliehman motto was Bowl and Never Grow Old.

Established in 1976-77. The George Fliehman award is given for Rotary Bowling Fellowship.


The evening ended with last year’s recipient, Gary “Doc” Jones presenting Ralph Zuke with the George Fliehman award. As Ralph accepted the Fliehman award trophy, he said…”I am humbled. It’s a great honor to be a Rotarian and bowl in this league. I plan to promote the benefits of fellowship and our bowling league as a recruiting tool for Rotary…..Thank you!”

Have a great summer!
Stay Thirsty and Keep on Rolling!

Yours truly,

Ralph J. Decker
St. Louis Rotary Club Bowling
League President