President’s Corner

How about some good Rotary news?
We have a new Rotary application going through the review and approval process.  So, we should expect to have a new member to Club 11 shortly.  And there’s more…..we have a request for an application from a prospect who  attended our “Get to Know Rotary” breakfast in February and is sponsored by “Motown” Mike Mosella.  #RotaryProud.
How are you staying connected to Rotary?   PepperBox?  The new on-line Thursday format featuring the 5 in 5 interview ?  (Last week’s Wally Knoll 5 in 5 interview is approaching 300 views…..yes, I said 300 views!) Getting e-mails from District 6060 and Rotary International?
It’s a challenge because our Club is rooted in fellowship and social “non”distancing.  Rotarians enjoy getting together with other Rotarians more than reading about Rotary.
So, let’s do something about it.  Here’s my idea: each of us call one or more Club 11 Rotarians on Tuesday – April 7.  CALL A ROTARIAN ON TUESDAY DAY!  
Just say hello!
How’re you doing?
Do you need anything?
It can be someone that you regularly sit with at our lunch meetings, or bowl with, or serve on a committee with, or a newer member who you haven’t had the chance to get acquainted with.  DACdb has every members’ contact info.   Step up for Rotary fellowship and goodwill, make a call or two or five!
I’ll talk to you (?) on Tuesday!  ….and look for another Rotary “Throw Back Thursday” video from the vault.  This one is sports related – that’s all I’m saying!
Finally, if you have questions, concerns, or ideas regarding Club 11 and the “Stay-at-Home” orders, feel free to share.  My e-mail is:   My cellphone is: 314-807-0573.
President Bob