105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Bowling Trip to Columbia, MO April 16, 2022
Week 31 Alleygations: April 22, 2024

Columbia Bowling Trip 4-16-24 and Week 31 Alleygations | Captain Matt Weiss - Buddha!!


Columbia Bowling trip vs. KC
The satisfaction of kicking KC’s butt gets better every year. Never gets old.
They are like the little sister or brother that feels they are constantly picked on,
running to Mommy or Daddy begging for redemption. Only in this case, there
wasn’t any Mommy or Daddy! Big brother/Sister just kicked your ass! The whiners
claim cheating from their elder siblings. We Rotarians do not cheat.
St. Louis had 20 bowlers. KC arrived with 19. Maybe they had five Rotarians?
Five teams from each bowling three games to vie for the coveted trophy.
After the first round of bowling St. Louis led three games to two in very tight
St. Louis was leading 3 games to 1 in the second round with the last game
coming down to the last frame. Katie LaMarsh rolls a strike to win the game
by two pins giving St. Louis a 7-3 lead moving to the 3rd round. That was huge.
St. Louis proceed to go 4-1 in the third round, shellacking KC for a total of 11-4.
Wade Westreitch bowled a 213 game in the second round, (having a 113 average)
for the only 200 plus game rolled for St. Louis. KC had a 203 game from their non
Rotarian leader and cry babying accuser of falsified St. Louis averages. Really
makes this victory that much sweeter. AND, hopefully not for the last time, the
Lanes were entertained by the NEWSEY shuffle, rolling his only strike of the day
in his final toss! Hooray yelled the St. Louis faithful!!! From the bus ride up, until
into the bowling and celebration home St. Louis Bowlers were fired up. A GREAT
GREAT TIME was had once again! We missed you Rosie!

Alleygations Sweepstakes Monday
HELLO ROSIE was heard screaming out with the return to bowling from
one of our Clubs greatest ambassadors, Ms. Rose Cooper. Welcome back Rose.
Although the Spirits were high for the four teams vieing for the League
Championship, this night, AND year belonged to team Zuke. They won the
2nd, 3rd, & 4th quarters. Had the highest total of hdcp. pins for the Year and
then won the Championship with total hdcp. pins of 2587. Zuke’s team was led
by Matthew Maddox’s 98 pins scratch over average, tops for the night and Kayla
Jones’s 56 scratch pins over average for 5th place overall on the night. AND
WHERE WAS RALPH while his team was putting a can of whoop ass on the
proceedings? Enjoying a whiskey down on Lanes 21 & 22 all the while racking
up 2nd place with a 64 pin over average night. Congratulations Ralph. Don’t
want to put a damper on your teams’ success but three of your rookie team
mates will be captains next year! Take that!
Down on the loser ends of the house the DO BROS., DOn & DOug both
struck out in the tenth frame of the same game. Doug finished in the top
10 of pins over average.
Terry Werner and Jack Windish each had the only two 200 games and
both finished in the top 10 over average.
The final championship went Zuke 1st, Wilson 2nd, Weiss 3rd, and Michael’s 4th.
It was a fantastic ’23-’24 bowling year. We increased the number of bowlers
23% this year and look to add more for next year. We WILL.
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to ALL league members for making this
League a standing Tradition, sure to continue on for years. And to the step in
officer’s of the league, especially Treasurer Kent Steinbrueck, thank you all
for your services to this phenomenal bowling league.
See you at the Bowling Banquet next Monday at LoRusso’s !
Pars & Birdies!
Matt Weiss

Mandel’s Jewelry
9827 Clayton Rd.
Ladue, MO 63124

League Standings Week 29

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