Zoom Recording ~ April 11, 2024 | Megan E. Green, President, St. Louis Board of Aldermen

Megan E. Green, President - St. Louis Board of Aldermen
Megan E. Green, St. Louis Board of Aldermen, President

In the Zoom recording, you will hear President Green talk about how and where city money is being allocated, the Rams Settlement Plan, and the lengthly process collecting ideas from citizens attached to that; in addition to other items.  After Megan Green spoke at St. Louis Rotary, she answered questions from the audience.  
One question concerned the “unhoused” people living outdoors downtown; and how that affects visitors coming downtown for events, etc. 

This article appeared in the Riverfront Times edition April 8-15, 2024: 

St. Louis Aldermen Vote Down Bill to Ease Process for New Shelters


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