105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 28 Alleygations: April 1, 2024

Week 28 Captain Drew Baebler Alleygations

Week 28 Alleygations | Captain Drew Baebler

Bowling Alleygations For Week 28, April 1st 2024


Drew Baebler

Bowling appreciation week 2024 was tasty and gratifying. Thanks to our host and Hostess Don and Ashley. The intrepid rotarians barely blinked when the tornado warnings sounded all around. (After all, there was free food involved) Bowlers were seen removing their hearing aids, just so they could concentrate. Dan Scott earned the nickname storm tracker. He was able to use his influence to have his name pulled from the 50/50 pot earning him a cool and stormy 72 dollars.

Team “Lane “had an empty one when David Cowell’s number was called. After a few minutes they found him in the buffet line dishing it. Terry Werner was similarly distracted watching Iowa’s Caitlin Clark dropping half court bombs on her way to the women’s quarterfinals.

Katie Lamarsh converted a 1-2-3-7 split that caused team Weiss to believe they had talent to spare.

The 2nd and 3rd place teams, Michaels and Warner we’re closely watching the match between number one Zuke and Team Baebler. Team Baebler ended up edging the first place team 14-8 led by Robert Driver who vanquished all bowlers with a 660 handicapped series. Joey Papa was bested in the heated match by only 5 pins.

I feel compelled to acknowledge Don Klackner’s 224 scratch game. I won’t say this is getting old, because he was hosting appreciation week.

Bi!! Piper spelled his name with 2 exclamation marks!! When the error was brought to his attention, He took a picture!!!

Finally, Team Baebler will have perfect attendance at the Bowling Banquet on April 29th!  We challenge all teams to do the same. final count may change.

League Standings Week 28

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