105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 26 Alleygations: March 18, 2024

Captain Terry Werner -Week 26 Alleygations

Week 26 Alleygations | Captain Terry Werner

The fourth quarter battle continued with the Zuke team now comfortably in first place by 23 points. They are trying to finish in first place for three quarters in a row. Ouch! The Michaels team won the first quarter and started the night in second place ahead of the rest of the teams. But the Pipers made a big jump with 22 points as did the Werner team. Second through Fourth place is only separated by 8 points now so it should be a good battle for the next few weeks.

Lily Michaels led the women with a 164 high game and Kayla Jones had a 145. Kayla also exceeded her average by 49 pins and Lily was 42 pins above her averge for the night. Way to go ladies!

Pete Milne bowled 61 pins over his average and Don Lorenz 58 over for the night. The guys had five bowlers with 200 games this week. Don Klackner (212), Don Lorenz (210), Terry Werner (204), Pete Milne (203) and Ralph Decker (202) What the heck was in the beverages? You guys were good!

Don Fuller won $51 in the 50/50 drawing! So the rich continue to get richer.

Things heard around the “alley”:

– Carl Lane – Before the first game – I’m going to set a record tonight, not sure if it is going to be a good one or a bad one tho.
– Robert Driver – After missing a spare – All I needed was one inch to the left or one inch to the right. I didn’t get either one.
– Rober Driver (again) – After listening to the banter – That’s Deja Moo! I’ve heard this bull before.

There were a few firsts on Monday night:

– David Safarian bowled his all-time high scratch game of 177. It must be true because he was telling everyone about it. Way to go David!
– Ralph Decker started game 1 with 4 open frames. Unlike David, Ralph wasn’t telling anyone but I saw it with my own eyes.
– This author picked up a 1,2,7,10 combination which means I had a terrible first ball.
– Sorry but another “first” worthy of mention is that yours truly finished with seven consecutive strikes in the third game to salvage a 200 score.
– Pete Milne bowled an all-time high scratch game of 203. Way to go Pete!

Strikes and more strikes,

League Standings Week 26

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