105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 25 Alleygations: March 11, 2024

Captain Lily Michaels March 11, 2024 Alleygations

Week 25 Alleygations | Captain Lily Michaels

I want to start by thanking Carl Lane for gathering some of this info, since he was told it was his turn to submit the alleygations!!

We had several people missing, due to them abandoning bowling for golf.

Highlights were:

Bob Barnes bowled 50 over his average
Joey Papa bowled 111 over his average (with one game of 189)
Tom Keeline bowled a 666 handicap series
Chris Wilson, Wade Weistreich & Mike Coleman all had a handicap score of 207 for their first game

Team Zuke are the leaders for the 4th quarter, so far.
I know it’s early, but please can someone else take a quarter!!
Team Michaels did our part & took the 1st quarter!!

Gotta Bowl!

Captain Lil

League Standings Week 25

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