Bob Garagiola, President St Louis Rotary 2019-202

President’s Corner

Given the “Stay-at-Home orders by the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County, Rotary Club of St. Louis will continue to postpone all meetings and events until further notice.


The Board will continue to monitor the situation and consider next steps; they will be holding a Conference Call this week and will provide up-dates.


I am not a doctor or medical professional (nor do I play one on TV).  So if you want to know how to cope with Covidan-19, go to your family practitioner.  Otherwise, it’s Rotary Club 11 business as usual.

Meg Brown and David Benz of Cambridge Air Solutions presented a very unique program last week.  They shared elements of Cambridge’s corporate culture which included daily wellness activities, recognition of personal birthdays/anniversaries, the importance of gratitude and systems improvements.  It is a regimen that Cambridge’s management completely believes in and practices.

Within our membership, these positive aspects might be difficult to effectively implement because we don’t meet daily nor do the same people show every week.

But, I would like to take one part of that program and explore it with Rotary.  Gratitude!  

What are we grateful for as Rotary?  Go past the real important things like family, health, etc.  I’m talking about what are we grateful for from the perspective of our involvement in Rotary.  I’d like to hear from each of you.

What is it about Rotary that you are grateful for?  I’ll share (anonymously) with the members.  

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President Bob

One of our new Club 11 members, Brian Elliot, is offering his assistance.


“I’m not sure how familiar many Club members are with shopping delivery apps like Instacart, but at a time like this, a service like that can be a godsend (you can shop a grocery store online and someone will come deliver your groceries at a minimal charge. If anyone isn’t very tech savvy and would want a lesson on how to download and use Instacart, I’m happy to hop on