105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 23 Alleygations: February 26, 2024

week 23 alleygations by Captain Chris Wilson

Week 23 Alleygations | Captain Chris Wilson

Wow we had an exciting week of bowling, some high numbers this week from a few bowlers and fierce competition to get ahead in the 4th Quarter.

Start down on lanes 17-18 with Piper vs Zuke. Zuke coming off their 3rd quarter (2 quarters in a row) win and they are not showing any chances of slowing down, they took 20 points from Piper, Dan Scott saving 2 points for team Piper.

Lanes 19-20 showed teams Lane and Werner in a tight match-up with the final coming down to a difference of 9 total pins, 2600-2609 in favor of Team Werner. Doc Jones had a 697 handicap game to help Werner get 12 of the 22 points for the night. Side note, everyone on both teams shot above average for the night.

Did anyone see the soccer match the week before between Vic and Weiss? Vic tested Weiss’ goalie skills but I believe he footed that 15 pounder right past Weiss after Weiss tried to distract him by throwing it at Vic while he was bowling. Well this week Vic was looking for a rematch but didn’t get it, I chalk up 1 point for Vic on that one.

Lanes 21-22 had Team Weiss and Team Wilson putting up big numbers, there were 2 players over 700 for the night. Congrats to Wade Weistreich on having 2 games over his personal best in 1 night, a 201 and 187 scratch to give him a handicap 722 total for the night, average is going up after that one. Kent Steinbrueck also had a great night with a 707 handicap. Chris Wilson also had a game high for 191 scratch. Team Wilson took 16 points to Weiss’ 6, to put Team Wilson in 2nd place this Quarter (I know its week 1 of the quarter but we need all the hype we can get).

Lanes 23-24 hosted Team Baebler and Team Michaels, anyone see any bumper action over there this week? Team Michaels is itchin to reclaim the glory from first quarter when they won, they took Baebler 12-10 this week with only a 3 person team after Bob Barnes couldn’t make it. By the way Bob had a season best game the week before with a 128 scratch.

3 teams were over 900 this week, team Zuke with a 907, Team Wilson with a 930 and Team Lane on top with a 938. Lots of impressive bowling, lets keep it up and someone give Zuke a challenge so he doesn’t take 3 quarters in a row.

Fun Fact – Terry Werner and Rose Cooper have bowled every game so far this season at 69.


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