105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 20 Alleygations: February 5, 2024

Captain Drew Baebler, Feb 5, 2024 Alleygations

Week 20 Alleygations | Captain Drew Baebler

On Monday the weather had turned warmer, and everyone was looking forward to the

big three rights of Spring: the upcoming Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and Rolling for Rotary

on Sunday February 18th from 12:00 to 3:00 at Olivette Lanes (Celebrating 100 years of

the Rotary bowling league).

There were several personal highlights that deserve a mention. Joey Papa led everyone

with a total net score of 687. Way to roll the rock Joey! Bob Barnes averaged 25 pins

over his handicap for three games with a net 677. He bowled 117 in his third game! Well

done Bob. Jeanine Conway rolled 171 in her third game. That's 54 pins over her

handicap! Dave Cowell managed a 206 followed by a 225. He came back to earth in

his third game (recognizing the need to work on his handicap)– a true sportsman.

Robert Driver rolled back to back games in the 160’s. Kent Steinbruck started out with a

176, 167 for a 651 net. Great bowling Kent. Dave Safarian bowled a 645 to edge out

Rose Cooper’s very respectable 641, a great match!

Of course all the scoring wasn't great. You know who you are. You've already suffered

the embarrassment of your peers. Accordingly, your names will be kept out of this


The wise sage Matt Weiss summed up the night with his pithy observations: “The beer

is cold; the women are hot; Life is good!”

Lastly, the undersigned and Matt Weiss discovered that they both have grandsons in the

same 4 th grade class at Saint Justin! No wonder we have been showing up at the same

sporting events. (I thought I had a stalker) Go St. J!

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