105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 19 Alleygations: January 29, 2024

Carl Lane Week 19 Alleygations

Week 19 Alleygations | Captain Carl Lane

I thought it might be interesting to look at a macro view of our Rotary Bowling League. According to one source an average League bowler can be categorized in three segments: Score of 130-150 is someone who can knock some pins down consistently; score of 150-170 is someone who can somewhat hit a target; and those averaging 170-190 probably use a hook and have some idea of lane conditions and oil patterns.

According to our League averages for 46 bowlers, we have 20 (44%) below 125; 17 (37%) between 125-150, 6 (13%) between 151-175; and 3 (6%) over 175. The overall League average is 130. So what does this mean? Just looking at the raw data one might conclude we lack basic bowling skills as 81% would fall within the lowest category. But there is another variable that must be considered and that is the AGE factor.

Thirty-six percent of league bowlers are between age 20-30 with the overall average age of 36. Now the Rotary League average age is about 84 (would have been 90 had not Kayla, Joey, Katie and Bob recently joined). In this sport age is inversely proportional to a high average. But we still have FUN. It is gratifying when our seniors can bowl their age. So I conclude the Rotary Bowling League produces some of the finest bowlers (age adjusted) west of the Mississippi.

Now let’s take a look at the micro view (one of my majors was economics). The Lane Team was completely overwhelmed by the Weiss Team 22 to zip. As a result Team Weiss is now tied for the number one spot for the third quarter. Even the stalwart David Cowell had the ignominous distinction of having the worst under game average of *-49 pins but to be fair he also had the high game of the night at 238. There were several distinctions worth noting among the rollers. Katie became one of the “fellows” when she actually muttered a curse word (although very mild) upon missing a spare. One of the lottery ticket purchasers thought he could improve his winning odds by putting the ticket and the stub in the box. It must have worked because the winning number was on one of those two; unfortunately due to the lack of a demonstrable chain of custody, the winnings were rolled into the Rotary pot.

The Wilson/Werner match was a real barn burner. Wilson lost the last two games by a total of two pins despite a 670 series total by Wade Weistreich. Don Fuller used his “Sandy Koufax” curve ball to clinch the victories in both games and he also made a 1-2-10 split. Team Werner was also assisted by a 628 series by Vic Difate as they took 19 points and moved to fifth place. Team Wilson remains solidly entrenched in the last position.

Team Piper is now tied for first place after taking 16 points from the Baebler Team. I was told David Sarfarian made the 1-6-8-9 split and he led all bowlers with a 689 handicap series. The Baebler Team retains a comfortable 13 win advantage over the Wilson team and is tied with the Michaels Team for next-to-last or should I say tied for seventh place.

Zuke Team took on Michaels Team and somehow emulated the 22 wins by Weiss. A 201 notched by Rose Cooper was notable but she also had the worst under game to average for women of **62 pins. Kinda funny when she and David both rolled the highest scores for their respective sex and also had the over/UNDER average highlight. The Zuke team was led by Kayla Jones with a 664 handicap series and by Joey Papa with a 670. With these points the Zuke team is in a solid third place.

Fun Fact: Did you know the rarest score in bowling is 292. Think about it.

Have a good week. STRIKES AND SPARES for everyone next week.

Carl Lane

Trash talking Captain Carl?  David Cowell rolled a 238; *49 pins over his 189 average. Rose Cooper rolled a 201; **62 pins over her 139 average. 

Just call us butter, cause we’re on a roll! Y’all don’t leave your game at home; there’ll be more fun this Monday at Olivette Lanes.

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