105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 18 Alleygations: January 22, 2024

Terry Werner Bowling Alleygations 1-25-24

Week 18 Alleygations | Captain Terry Werner

It was a wet and cold night at Olivette Lanes but that did little to curb our enthusiasm! Immediately after starting the first game we heard some trash talking between Carl and Rose. Not sure what that was all about but it sure threw Carl off his game! Rose had a 613 series versus Carl’s 517 series. Note to self – don’t mess with Rose! 

This week’s results had some well fought matches.
Piper’s team is in first place with a 14 – 8 victory over the second place Weiss team. 
The Zukies are in third place after beating Tom Hanks favorite team, the Wilson’s, 16 – 6.
No one else cares about the other four teams at this point! C’mon just bowl better!

Only one person bowled a 200 game and that was David Cowbell Cowell with a 201. Good bowling Dave!
Ken Schuman had a strong 186 game as well. Miss Rose had a high game of 171. Kayla Jones continues to improve and bowled 43 pins above her average in one game. Way to go Kayla! 

The 50/50 winner was Wade Westrich to the tune of $60. Way to get lucky Wade!
Things seen, heard and sniffed around the lanes….
– Hey, smell my ball! These words actually came out of Ralph’s mouth to anyone within earshot. Sure enough his ball smells like black cherry! Not only his ball but Kayla’s ball is vanilla flavored and Joey’s is birthday cake. Who knew this was a thing?
– Jeanine picked up a messy and difficult 1-2-8-10 split. Way to go Jeanine but that just means you had a terrible first ball.
– AL, aka Amy Lewis, featured a left-handed bionic Brunswick wrist support due to pain in her left elbow. Not sure why she had it on her right hand for most of the night though. At one point she got a bit carried away and bloodied two of her teammates with high fives. Ouch!
– Thanks to Matt Weiss for rallying everyone to attend despite the outdoor conditions and then he didn’t show up.
On a more serious note, Don, the Owner, Klackner was not available due to his wife being in the hospital. We send our prayers out to her for a speedy recovery. 
Spares and Strikes,