Bob Garagiola, President St Louis Rotary 2019-202

President’s Corner


How many bones are in the human body?                                                                                

Who was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?                            

 Who shot the arrow that killed Achilles?

A near capacity crowd of Rotarians, Civilians, and guests gathered at the Glaziers’ Hall on the Hill on Saturday night to raise money for the Welfare Fund and to spread Club 11 goodwill & friendship at Rotary’s Trivia Night! 

Terry Werner and his committee, which included a huge assist from the Civilians, had 15 tables of trivia players, a 50/50 pot that approached $1000, Silent Auction items, a game of Heads/Tails, Game Mulligans – all designed to enlarge our Welfare Fund as the Community Service grant season approaches.  Did I mention free beer?  There was free beer, soda & water, too!  In short, it was a lot of fun.

This was our first Trivia Night in some time.  Judging by the results, we’ll want to make this a regular fund-raising part of our Rotary year.  Even if you’re not an accomplished trivia buff, there was food and drink (BYO) to allow everyone to join in on the “fun” and help raise “funds”.    So watch for next year’s second consecutive Rotary Club 11 Trivia Night.

President Bob


P.S. Thought I was going to leave you hanging on my opening questions –                              

206 bones in the  human body                                                                                                    

Aretha Franklin was the first woman in the R&R HOF                                                            

Paris (he’s the guy who caused the Trojan War)