105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 17 Alleygations: January 15, 2024

Week 17 Alleygations - Ralph Zuke

Week 17 Alleygations | Captain Ralph Zuke

Things I’ve discovered about Club 11 bowling league. 
1. When I was first asked to join the bowling league I didn’t think I would play beyond my 1/2 season commitment. I had not bowled for many years.  My skill level was dubious at best. I quickly learned it didn’t matter what my ability was, you bowl with a handicap that levels the field. 
2. The bowling league is a great way to get to know others in our club. When I  first joined,  I knew a handful  of members, “kinda sort of.” Over the last year I  have gotten to know a bunch of members fairly well and can I can tell you stories about each and every one of them. Just don’t ask me for any stories from the bus ride to and from Columbia last year, because what happens on the bus stays on the bus. I enjoy the league so much that every Monday around 5p.m. I’m like a dog who hears his owner say “walk”. I don’t wag my tail (much) but I do get excited to go bowl. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, I know I’m about to go hang out with people I really enjoy being with.
3. Life lessons can be learned.  Last week I  made a comment about not bowling well under pressure.  Life Guru Matt Weiss replied with words of wisdom, ” There is no pressure in bowling, raising kids, now that’s pressure.” You don’t get these free life lessons just anywhere. 
Some of the highlights from last week. Lily Michaels had a stellar night bowling a handicap total of 672. Ken Shuman, Ralph Decker  and David Cowell each bowled a 200+ scratch game. Teams Piper and Weiss ended the night in a tie for first place. Each with 38 points for the 3rd quarter. 
Hope everyone is staying warm this week.
Ralph Zuke