Bob Garagiola, President St Louis Rotary 2019-202

President’s Corner


After last week’s meeting – which featured an outstanding presentation by Molly Butterworth & Tom Eyssell on the history of the automobile in St. Louis – I noticed two groups of Rotarians gathered.  One was in a corner of the Missouri Room and the other was in the outer lounge where we check-in, pay for parking, etc.

Both groups were earnestly planning upcoming events for Club 11 that are at the heart of what we do.  The Community Service Committee was working on the process to review Community Service Grant applications and future Community Service actions.  The New Generations Committee was planning the 8th Grade Awards Program for later this spring.

What impressed me was the focus of these two groups of Rotarians.  They were answering Rotary’s call of “Service above Self”.  Pride and selflessness were evident in what they were doing.  There had been no prompting on my part or the Board’s.  But, here were members of Club 11 taking their committee responsibilities very seriously.  They volunteered to serve on their respective committees; and, they were organizing events and benefits for others.

It also struck me that other Club 11 members have done the same for the good of our club with equal gratification.  The Social Committee has just planned events through 2020; the Fundraising Committee is ready with Rotary Trivia Night and with the Publicity Committee is working to raise All-in-One awareness.  The Program Committee has filled our meetings with interesting speakers and programs all year and into the next Club year. The Membership Committee has another “Get to Know Rotary” Breakfast scheduled for March.

I’m seeing Rotarians, in action, build goodwill and better friendships for the benefit of all concerned.  It’s your turn to “Step Up”! Join a committee!  Recruit a friend or business associate! Become a part of Rotary!

As past president Ken Schuman said, “We do good work and we have fun doing it.” 

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of an organization like Rotary Club 11?  It’s inspiring!


President Bob