105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 15 Alleygations ~ Matthew Weiss

Matt Weiss Bowling Alleygations Wk 15 12-18-23

”Twas the Monday before Christmas and all through the house were the
beatings by Zuke’s and Wilson’s, alike. The pins were going down faster than
Weiss’s cold beers as Michael’s vision’s of two quarters bagged, danced in their
heads, were quietly displaced, by The Zuke’s enforce”

Zuke 22 Michael’s 0. The 2nd quarter goes to Team Zuke’s. And, the 50/50
of $73 was won for the second consecutive week by Zuke team bowler, Chad Baker.
Earlier in the quarter Ralph won the 50/50 two weeks in a row. The league is
growing tired of the Zuke’s!!! Congrats Ralph and the ZUKEE’S!
And the Wilson’s, adorned with their lovely brides, made mashed taters
out of the Weiss guys, who were attempting to duplicate last Monday’s feats
vs. the Wilson’s. How does a team, bowling on the same two lanes in consecutive
weeks, win 20-2 and then lose to the same team by the same score the next week???
Talk about adding insult to injury. While the Weiss guys were getting their
buns burned, Lily Michael’s, experiencing the same by the Zuke’s, comes over
and says, “I sure wish we were bowling you guys!” THERE will be another day!
The ugly Christmas sweater award went to Drew Baebler. Stating that his
sweater was old, a shout out to Drew rang out, “You or the sweater?”
Acting President Cowbells passed out, er, HANDED out sheets to the captains
for the second half alleygations schedule. Hard to believe we are half way already.
Teams having second half bowlers, please get your bench schedules in order with
your arriving teammates.
The third quarter begins on January 8th, an eight week quarter.
Have a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year!
Best to All!
Matt Weiss


2nd Quarter Winners St. Louis Rotary Club Bowling League

"Bowling is a game of mistakes. Generally, whoever makes the fewest, comes out the best." ~ Earl Anthony