105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 11 Bowling Alleygations 11-20-23

Week 11 Alleygations | November 20, 2023

It was the Monday before Thanksgiving and 29 Rotarians arrived at Olivette Lanes;
Most had a turkey waiting at home, but there would be few turkies here tonight.

The bowlers came to test their skill or at least to drink their fill.
Ashley’s work load was light since Matt Weiss was nowhere in sight,
The beer did continue to flow but Don’s concessions were abnormally low.

On Lanes 17-18 the Weiss team did not play nice;
They crushed the Lane team not once, not twice, but thrice.
Jack Windish was especially savage,
As he rolled 91 pins over his average.
Kent, Bob and Katie did their share, and the
Lane bowlers left in despair.

On Lanes 19-20 Werner and Wilson locked in a duel,
But for Werner the outcome was cruel.
Despite having two bowling legends, the Werner bowlers were below par.
The Wilson bowlers had a good night, but Chris was clearly the star.
With twenty second quarter points more Wilson was far ahead
And the Werner hopes were virtually dead.

On Lanes 21-22 Michaels and Zuke had a close score
And both ended with a second quarter total of thirty-four.
In Game 1 Amy Lewis broke a nail
And her second game went to Hell.
On the Michaels team Bob G. was the guy,
But Joey Papa on Zuke’s had the high.

On Lanes 23-24 the Piper team scored points galore
As all four bowlers had six hundred or more.
The Baebler team rolled quite well,
But were outscored 22 to nothing when the curtain fell.
Drew somehow cleared the 7-8-9 pins
But we doubt that will happen again.

I hope the simplicity of these words did not offend, but I kept them simple
So my Rotary friends could comprehend.
With apologies to “the Bard” (with whom I cannot compare),
These words were not meant to cause despair,
So I bid you a fond adieu with our motto “Strikes and Spares.”

Carl Lane

Amy Lewis broke a nail

Was this before, or after Amy broke her nail?