Next Week: Kevin Scott, Bi-State Development | Updates on the Secure Platform Plan

Kevin Scott, Bi-State Development, General Mfg of Security

Savvy business leaders know that customer experience and employee engagement are critical issues that will help their companies remain agile and sustainable over the long term.

A key takeaway from a progressively responsible 27-year career with a local municipal government was that our methods for hiring and retaining talented police officers had become unsustainable. Our methods for recruiting, hiring and training needed to change so that we could attract the best available talent to deliver the outstanding community-based policing services our residents had come to expect.

As Police Chief of the City of Ballwin, I capitalized on common business practices to transform a traditional top-down leadership model into a lateral model, implemented cross-training that dramatically expanded manpower resources and empowered our officers to take initiative and ownership.

These consequential actions resulted in a highly engaged and effective workforce, one of the nation’s best safety records, happy residents and increased brand value for our community.

I’ve since led major structural and organizational change initiatives at Bi-State Development Agency that are progressing on schedule and are anticipated to improve economic opportunities for both Missouri and Illinois. My legacy as a leader is one of identifying and removing barriers to performance and improving brand value, key strengths that reflect significant value to any employer. I’m a steady leader who has the courage to make the hard decisions and the stamina to follow through.