105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Terry Werner, Week 10 Alleygations

Week 10 Alleygations 11-13-23

Week 10 standings show a tight race for the second quarter lead. Weiss and Baebler teams are tied for first with Wilson and Michaels teams only two points back. Outstanding games were bowled by David “Cowbell” Cowell with a 242 and Carl “Fast” Lane with a high game of 202. Rose “Super Dooper” Cooper led the women with a high game of 167. Bob “Baseball” Garagiola bowled 63 pins over his 124 average and Jeanine “Not Dan” Conway bowled 44 pins over her 113 average. Great bowling for sure!

The Baebler team, especially Dee and Drew, are really getting into the bowling spirit. At first it was a new ball, new shoes, then a new shirt but now they have gone so far as to name their new granddaughter using bowling slang! “Brooklyn” was born on Halloween so you know that she is special! To top it off, the Baebler’s rolled plenty of “brooklyns” to trounce the Werner team 20-2! Congratulations Drew and Dee!

Things seen and heard around the alleys:

– Chris Wilson’s shirt that said, “I like my butt rubbed and my pork pulled!” I am glad that I was on the opposite end of the lanes so I didn’t have to see if any of that occurred.

– The Lane team inched by the Michaels team in the first game with a 902 to 892 score. Both of those scores beat the previous high Team Handicap Game score of 891. Great bowling you guys!

– David Safarian from the Piper team was walking around saying how much fun he was having! Warning though, you probably shouldn’t be saying that while you are in the bathroom.

– Ralph Zuke is on a real losing streak! He hasn’t won the 50/50 for two weeks now. Welcome to our world Ralph.

– Kevin King won the 50/50 worth one million dollars. That is multiple wins for him too. It must be a Civilian thingy.

– Kayla Jones was all smiles as she rolled three games above her average for the first time.

And finally, I was going to tell you a really bad bowling pun…..but I thought I would spare you!

Spares and strikes,


Doug Lorenz, Matthew Wilson